Belmont Instructor

Ramona Tharp

Belmont Assistant

Shannon Dombroski, Aide

Harrison Instructor

Rhonda Glenn

Harrison Assistant

Brittany McCloud, Educational Aide
Special Programs Classes

Hospitality & Facility Care Services

The Hospitality and Facility Care Services program is geared to train students toward service occupations in the area of hospitality, lodging and facility care.

Students receive lab experience and classroom instruction in hospitality and lodging services, guest relations, room service, meeting and banquet services, commercial laundry and linen services. Students can work individually and in teams to complete a variety of school and community projects. Students can also explore employment opportunities in a hands-on setting with professionals from the field.

Employment opportunities include hotels, motels, hospitals, adult extended care facilities, institutions, private homes, and with agencies providing service to individuals.

( 10th Grade - 11th Grade - 12th Grade ) BCC | HCC